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The only Ferrari FXX approved for the public via for sale by 11.8 million euros

Ferrari FXX a la venta

One of the most performance models produced by the cavallino brand is the Ferrari Enzo. With the name of the founder of the brand, the company wanted to pay a tribute to him developing more technology and fast car of the moment, and go that if they did so. The Enzo follows the footsteps of the Ferrari F40 and F50, that came to light several years earlier. After releasing the Ferrari Enzo appeared to the Ferrari FXX, almost exclusively for circuitEdition.

The Ferrari FXX was directly derived from the Enzo, although it was a product much more radical and exclusive to circuit, except for a unit that if formalized for public roads traffic, which we see in the pictures. Under the hood a 6.3 liter V12 atmospheric pays 850 HP. All this happens by a manual box of six relations to later reach the rear axle. Its performance is a 0 to 100 in about 2.5 seconds and a maximum speed approaching 400 km/h.

Ferrari FXX a la venta

This unit, repeat, the only one of all the fabricated with specifications that you can roll down the streets, goes on sale. Yesterday was day of Valentine, and as better late that never, you could disburse the 11.8 million euros (9.999.999 pounds) asking for it and make happy your partner. At least, I would like to, to make me a gift, although already posts should address also the maintenance of the vehicle, which is not just economic.

As we can see in the images, outside was manufactured with the mythical Rosso Corsa brand, but with white details of this limited edition. It is rare to see a Ferrari FXX with headlights, flashing lights and rear pilots. The interior is very Spartan, as in any vehicle of circuit; He even brings a few helmets to prevent injuries to the ears and at the same time to communicate with our companion.

Ferrari FXX a la venta

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