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The Opel Corsa could ignite by a fault in the wiring of the heater

Prueba Opel Corsa 1.4 90 CV Easytronic

The Opel (Vauxhall) Corsa is an emblem for the signature of the beam in Europe. Urban Rüsselsheim signature is ahoramismo by its fifth generation and as usual comes out the sales rankings in almost all European countries. United Kingdom is one of the main bastions of the Corsa, however, instead of sell is low the brand Opel, it makes low it brand local Vauxhall.

In United Kingdom, Vauxhall has had to make a call to review massive because the small Opel Corsa may be at risk of fire due to a mechanical problem. According to has informed the daily tabloid The Sun the wiring of the heater could be poorly mounted and this could make that the box of instruments exit burning when the driver proceed to start your car.

Prueba Opel Corsa 1.4 90 CV Easytronic

This information has been disclosed when a group of engineers Investigation, Engineering, Research (GBB) discovered that some 865.000 Vauxhall Corsa D and E could leave burning by this mechanical failure. Both generations are the last two that have been for sale and therefore affect units manufactured since 2006 until now.

In addition, the GBB reminds us that this problem is very similar to that suffered the Opel Zafira B generation and that forced the brand to 234.940 units in the United Kingdom. Therefore, once the firm know the problem will be in contact with the owners of the units that may be affected so that they pass through its official service more close to be revised.

Initially this problem only is confined to the units sold by Vauxahall in United Kingdom, in principle the sold in the continent not would have this problem. However, If the problem traspasase that border Opel will target customers to move by the workshop earlier that afternoon.

Source – The Sun

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