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The problem of the Nissan Navara is split in two

Nissan Navara partido en dos

The Nissan Navara is a pick-up with very good reputation around the world, although not in all markets it is known by the name of Navara; in some it is referred to as Nissan Frontier. However, this reputation, and your way of see to this model, can give turn of 180 degrees after observe the following images. Very painful. In summary accounts, the Japanese pickup chassis are split and, therefore, the truck also.

Customers who purchased a Nissan Navara second-generation with factory D40 series in 2004 are trying to ask for calls to review for their vehicles. It is estimated that there are about 35,000 vehicles affected by this serious defect in its chassis, while globally the figure could exceed 190,000 units affected; only in United Kingdom a very high figure that Nissan should give any urgent solution.

Nissan Navara partido en dos

A customer of 50 years with a unit “split in two” while circulated with its woman pregnant and his daughter small declared that “I only went to some few miles by hour.” I fear what could have last if would have gone more quickly“.” It should not be anything nice go driving at 120 km/h (or 70 km/h) and that suddenly your car is split in two. The danger is extremely high and, where the chassis of a car is split in movement and in road open the consequences can be dramatic, both for driver and occupants of the vehicle, as for the rest of users of it via.

Apparently, all this problem it is given by the corrosion, causing cracks in the chassis. Probably the area more fragile of the chassis is the point between the cockpit (cabin) and the compartment of load (box), since seems to be there where these pick-ups break its chassis as see in the images. Not only concerned about the danger that chassis is split in movement, but the resistance that this can offer in the event of an accident, either front or side.

Nissan Navara partido en dos

Source – The Sun

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