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The production of cars in Spain could reach 3 billion in 2017

SEAT fábrica Martorell

Several times mentioned that Spain is one of the main manufacturers of cars in the world. This year have attained overcome them data of the year last and with this we should be even better facing the rest of countries with which compete. However, everything in this life can always be improved, and this is what most want brands that have production plants in Spain.

Much of this increase in the production of vehicles in Spain is due to the increasingly greater measures of labour flexibility that have to adopt both brands and employees. This is a point very important because while our country is competitive in costs, labor and qualification of them workers will continue being a country pointer with regard to production, but when these measures of flexibility labor already not take effect, very to our weigh, them brands Iran abandoning our country.

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According to Anfac estimates when we are taking the grapes have made in our country one 2.8 millions of cars. To this must be added that, if the market endures well the pace that leads, 1.3 million units may have sold. These figures, United to 85 percent of our production we export to third countries will be that we finish the year marking a new record.

However, an of the main patron saint of the sector in Spain, Anfac, still believes that can follow improving our numbers and by this expected that in the year 2017 move on to manufacture more than three million of cars. In addition, they also rely on domestic market is able to increase its volume of purchases and the coming year 1.5 million new cars are sold in our country.

To do this, they trust that brands continue betting for our country in the form of new investments and award of more models in exclusive world. We hope that all the parties involved remen towards the same direction and allow that our automotive sector continue climbing positions in the world ranking.

Source-Association Spanish of manufacturers of automobiles and trucks (Anfac)

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