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The PSA Group alongside Travelcar wants to conquer America

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The PSA group has been very active for several days. It jumped to the fore by their negotiations with General Motors to stay with Opel.  Days later we learned that it would be also considering the possibility of entering the Eastern market in the hands of Proton. And finally, we learned that it is planning to make inroads into America.

The fifth continent (with the exception of Central America and of the South) is a great unknown for the French group. Out shopping in the United States, in the past century, it was very short. In addition, it did very good taste to clients or the firm. However, if you want to be a truly global company should change and chip and assault all markets possible.

To enter in this difficult market the guys of the group PES have made an agreement with the transport company shared (to the Car2Go or Emov) Travelcar. This firm, of French origin, is dedicated to providing vehicles to passengers who want it at certain airports in the United States (mainly San Francisco and Los Angeles).

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As we can see, this business is the same that has Mercedes-Benz with Car2Go or the same PSA with Emov. The idea that would pursue the French group would give Travelcar of a fleet of cars for North America. Thus customers could learn about models and their characteristics for a second phase to customers through the sale of these same cars plunge (new not of rent).

This idea seems more than acceptable and taking the view that the Group PSA risks nothing taking these cars to North America. With it the publicity that would result would be notable and if you manage to fit between the difficult American public its commercial entry into the country could be in a few years.

Now leaders of the PSA group have not made more statements than what we know. In April this year, will begin his career in the United States and if all goes according to they have foreseen could see the landing of Peugeot and Citroën DS in the United States in a short time.

Source – PSA group

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