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The Ram Rebel Black Edition will come to the market in brief

Ram Rebel Black Edition

The group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is passing by a moment delicate in the United States. Them sales of its brands not are it good that they would want to and seems that their accounts not are in its best moment. All this will be translated into elimination of models and strong investment which gives them more money. An of the brands that best them goes is RAM and by this van to present a new version for your model more sold.

The RAM 1500 is the signature golden eggs goose and so it continues to grow in sales the RAM brand has just presented the Rebel BlackEdition. With this new version special, manage to improve to a product already in by itself very good. For this case are added to many touch black to the bodywork of the 1500 Rebel that make the smaller pickup RAM is more attractive.

Ram Rebel Black Edition

This week RAM will present the 1500 Rebel Black Edition at the Auto Show in Detroit and surely will be alone on the stand of the firm. The difference is that this model not only is sold in color black as will keep the rest of colors although seasoned with them touch Black that it characterized. These will be your rims of alloy, protections of the body, as well as the grill that shows of what version are talking.

Inside the black tones also take over the dashboard and appliqués that are becoming this time black brushed instead of the chrome that was riding so far. Black leather seats give the elegant touch to a very modern set and with one (apparent) more than quality resultón for what the signature models offered until a few years ago.

Mechanical level Rebel Black Edition shares the same suspension schemes and engines of the Rebel to be marketed so far. The difference economic between an and another is located in the 750 dollars and part of them 45.950 dollars of the version V6 Pentastar. The range closes at the top with the 5.7 Hemi version liters of displacement, although for her, there are no prices.

The brand already to open the list of orders to them customers that want to acquire a can do it during the celebration of the Auto Show of Detroit.

Source – Ram Trucks

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