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The registrations in Europe descend a 2.3%

matriculaciones en europa

Registrations in Europe during the first half of the year of passenger cars and SUVs have grown to a 7.5 per cent, with respect to the year 2015. This growth has allowed that is enrolled between them months of January and June of 2016 9.25 million of units, figure superior to them 8.6 million of cars that is enrolled in the same months of the last year.

According to JATO Dynamics, during the last month of July the registrations in Europe are located in 1.1 million of units, between cars and SUVs. This figure, is a descent of the 2.3 percent with respect to July of 2015 and ends with them 34 months of growth consecutive that have lived the registrations in Europe. We must remember that last fall suffered by the sales of vehicles in the European market was in August 2013.

matriculaciones en Europa

In July, Volkswagen was the brand more greater number of registrations made in the market European. With 136.393 units sold was able to achieve an 11.8 per cent of the total. The second brand that greater number of registrations reached last month was Ford. American managed to commercialize 84.062 drivesthe firm. The third mark on the podium was the German Opel / Vauxhall with 76.194 units. The fourth and fifth marks were Renault and Audi with 71.260 and 66.574 units respectively.

However the slight decrease suffered by the market has been noted more forcefully in Volkswagen, Skoda and Peugeot. The decline in sales suffered by Volkswagen has been 10.8 percent from June, marking the largest drop among the ten best-selling brands in Europe during July. The second brand undergoing biggest decline in sales is Skoda, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. In this case, his fall is 10.5 percent, exactly the same as Peugeot, the third highest number of registrations brand loses in the European market.

We must be cautious since a small stumbling block somebody, can suffer it but with the threat posed by the exit of United Kingdom of the Union European brands must be attentive to the movements of the market another crisis could be very damaging for the automotive industry.

Source – JATO Dynamics

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