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The Renault Clio of 2018 already is taking shape and these are their details

Renault Clio 2016 restyling

Renault still walks with the presentation of the restyling of the current generation of its Clio when we are already listening to rumors of how the Next generation of this popular urban. We must remember that Clio is the model more sold in Spain for the signature of the diamond and its importance is vital to maintain the position that has the brand in our market. Therefore the first units of this restyling will arrive in dealerships throughout this month.

The model that is currently on sale came to the market in the year 2012 and represents the fourth iteration of this urban, who was born in the year 1990 as a substitute for the popular supercinco. Throughout these almost 26 years the model has changed substantially increasing their length, their range mechanical and possibilities of equipment. This has led him to be one of the urban more balanced market.

Renault Clio 2016 restyling

However the sector of the automobile is very dynamic and not allows that the brands will sleep in them laurels. Therefore according to AutoExpress Renault would have advanced the development of the next generation of the Clio. His presentation official would be in 2018 and his arrival to the market would be scheduled for the next 2019. Externally the design will be to charge of Laurens van den Acker and could use them lines basic of the design released in the Compact of the House. However, the most profound changes would affect the interior and its possibilities of equipment.

This new generation most importantly will be the cockpit because it will have a completely different design from which the current model looks. In addition, will have new materials and finishes in which prevail settings care and high quality. Another great novelty will be the set of assistants to the driving and technologies that may assemble the next generation of the Clio.

With respect to its range mechanics it is likely continue counting cycle engines with diesel and gasoline. Also is very likely that incorporates some system of propulsion hybrid to improve its efficiency and planting face to the Yaris from Toyota.


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