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The Renault Espace and Talisman called to review for up to five reasons

Renault Espace 1.6 dCi 160 CV Initiale París

The calls to review once again today and this time affects the French manufacturer Renault. Two models of the brand of the diamond are affected by various errors, the Renault Espace and Renault Talisman, both models manufactured at the French factory of Douai. Renault has already initiated the review calls to rectify the problems, even though he has not detailed how much affects units.

In the case of the Renault Espace, units manufactured before September 18, 2015 may show a wear premature and asymmetric tire front. This situation could, in the most extreme cases, arrive to cause a blow-out of the tire, causing a serious accident. The Espace manufactured until December 14, 2015 also present a problem in the practicable sunroof, which can result in the detachment of the glass when driving with the roof open, causing a serious accident.

Renault Talisman

There are also several bugs common to both models. Units manufactured until September 4, 2015, a battery ground wire may be bad tight, and can result in a cut of the engine without warning, with the risk that this would result in full driving.

If we look at the units manufactured until January 11, 2016, the front belts may show loss of effectiveness in a crash or sudden braking, causing injury to the occupants. The Renault Talisman and manufactured until 3 February 2016 Espace front brake hoses may have wrong position. It could be a case of premature wear, and may affect the braking of the vehicle.

It seems that the hand of Daimler in terms of quality controls in Douai has not been entirely effective. Understandable is arising in a model of recent launch failures, but in the case of the Renault Espace, seem to over and many of them can cause serious accidents. In short, you can burst a tire, run out of brakes, automatically stop running, fail the front safety belts or rid the sunroof while we drive.

Source – FACU

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