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The Renault-Nissan Alliance awarded to combat climate change

Alianza Renault-Nissan

Climate change seemed a tale about ten or fifteen years ago. With the summer that we are living in this fall each day, however we are convinced that there is some truth on this subject. It is very important to fight against climate change if we don’t want to put an end to our planet before the account. However not all industries take it seriously or all countries are struggling to change the situation.

The sector of the automobile is one of the more criticized of the change climate and of the pollution that is produces in the cities. The Dieselgate of the Group Volkswagen has made that the society take conscience of it harmful that can be the mechanical diesel. However, them cars that circulate by our cities only are guilty of a 25 or 30 percent of the pollution total that is emits to the atmosphere of the city of which are talking about.


One of the most active in the fight against the climate within the automotive industry is the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The franco-Japanese group has received the award from the hands of the international Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Climate Leadership Award. This award makes visible the Alliance commitment to significantly reduce the footprint of CO2 emitted by their car into the atmosphere.

This change began in the year 2011 and from hence the levels of CO2 emitted by vehicles of the Renault-Nissan Alliance will have been reduced paultinamente. In 2013 the group set a CO2 10 percent reduction for each vehicle sold. Once this objective is reached group has set an annual reduction of 3% for all their cars through the strategy Drive the Change.

This strategy has made the Renault-Nissan Alliance at the end of last year has reduced its footprint of CO2 in each one of the cars sold worldwide by 17.2 percent compared to the first year that began this fight against climate change. So it seems fair that you have received this award, since it must serve as an example for other companies that are part of the global automotive industry.

Congratulations Renault-Nissan!

Source-Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

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