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The restyling of the Ford Mustang could bring a box automatic of 10 speeds

Ford Mustang

The sixth generation of the muscle car more known of the world, the Ford Mustang, has given much that talking even before its put to the sale. By first time in its fifty years of history was to be marketed in the old continent, where until then to acquire it should import it with them costs that all this process is. In this mode, in 2015 landing in Europe.

Available in Europe with bodywork coup√© and convertible, and with two variants mechanical different as are the V8 of 5 litres with 421 cv and the 2.3 EcoBoost of 317 cv (in United States is marketed also with another mechanical intermediate of 3.7 liters), the Ford Mustang’s sixth generation is being all a success. Indeed, makes some days you had that this model came to be, a time more, the sports more sold in Spain.

Ford Mustang interior

Apparently, the blue oval brand already is working on an update of this generation, having already released some screenshots of test mules testing updates. This restyling of the Ford Mustang, as occurs in the majority of cases, will introduce small changes aesthetic in the outside, any slight review of the inside, a updated system of Infotainment and probably new systems of helps to the driving and of security active. But even could become a much more striking change.

Currently, the muscle car se offers with change manual and automatic, both of six-speed. However, and according to says the average British coach, after the restyling that is expected for the next year, will incorporate a transmision automatic of nothing less that 10 relations. This transmission already is used in the compatriot Chevrolet Camaro, although this source unknown if is goes to incorporate in the V8 5 litre atmospheric or in the supercharged 2.3 EcoBoost. Obviously, also know if will come (if is that it confirms this change automatic) to the market European.


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