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The rise in price of fuel in Mexico will promote green cars

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He other day you informed you of how one of them countries that greater number of barrels of oil produces to the year will rise more the price of the fuels to their fellow citizens. Mexico, when between in the year 2017 will see increased the price of the gasoline and diesel of half in a 14 percent, however the unhappy general not will decrease by much that the authorities say that is by the well the population.

This ascent attack squarely on the economy and the purchasing power of Mexicans and will make the cars continue increasing their age. The reason is obvious since the economy Mexican not is in its best time and if them prices of them cars rise and the of them fuels also, them drivers not will be thinking in change of car in the short term.

combustible PEMEX

However, as they say, we must look for the positive point to things and our weigh, this rise in price of fuels in Mexico seems to have its positive counterpoint. According to the Association Mexican of distributors of automotive (AMDA) the increase of them prices of those fuels will help to them customers is prefer by them vehicles hybrid and more respectful with the environment.

Guillermo Rosales, Deputy director of the AMDA, believes that initially the market will not change the current trend in sales of new cars. However, of face to a future next could serve as a stimulus, coming accompanied by aid provided by the Government, so the drivers of Mexico is lean by acquire vehicles driven by fuels and energies alternative to them derivatives of the oil.

There will be to see how them Mexican is taking this rise and how the Government solves this problem. Meanwhile, as the saying goes “when you see your neighbor’s beard Peel, put yours to soak” so we are going to spend in Spain when the clock mark the 00: 01 of the night.

Happy new year.

Source – Mexican Association of distributors of automotive (AMDA)

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