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The saddest year data: 1,160 people have died on our roads

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Just of start the new year and already have reviewed data important on the behavior of 2016 as the data of sales, them 10 compact more marketed or them 10 SUV more sold during the last 12 months. But also must take the view back and see how many have been them people that have lost the life in our road and in what conditions, what us should help to decrease, as soon as possible best, these data.

According to the direction General of traffic in 2016 is has registered a total of 1,038 accidents with victims mortal in way long-distance, that are 15 accidents rather than in the year 2015. In those 1.038 accidents with victims, 1,160 people lost the life and others 5.067 needed hospitalization by the wounds suffered. These data represent an increase of the 1.4% in accidents fatal, an increase of the 2.6% in victims mortal (29 deceased more) and an increase of the 4.3% in injured hospitalized (209 injured more).

These data should take those “with clamps”. They correspond only to accidents on interurban roads and the data of the deceased are those of people who died before the 24 hours after the accident; i.e., if a person had an accident, was entered more than 24 hours and then died, it is not counted in this first interim report. Within a few months, in a more detailed report, will be counted the dead until 30 days after the accident and also the victims of city streets as interurban.

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By age, the largest group of deceased is people older than 65 years, with 240 dead, represented 21% of the total. With a 19% of total are the people between 45 and 54 years (225 deceased) and with the same percentage the people of between 35 and 44 years (216 dead). The number of children deceased (under 14 years) has been 19, with 2% of the total victims.

The DGT compares these data of claims in developing long-distance with them of 1960, saying that in that year, the first of which is have records, lost the life 1,300 people. Personally, I think you have little sense to compare figures with a difference of 56 years. In those days there were fewer cars in circulation (32 times less), less mechanical performance, drivers had less appreciation of how dangerous that could be driving without respecting the road, the way little had to do with the now… and thus a long etcetera.

On the other hand, in them last times is boasted of having accomplished reduce year to year them figures of claims in Spain, without do mentions that in these years of crisis them Spanish used less our vehicles and, course, went less than holiday or “getaway” of weekend; not to mention driving much more gentle and more slowly because of saving every drop of fuel possible. Now, seems that an of them causes of this increase of victims mortal comes of a greater number of displacements of long distance that, according to reports it own DGT, have grown a 5%.

Source – DGT

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