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The sales of cars in United States climb a 3.6% in November

GMC Acadia 2017

The end of year is about and if all goes according to it planned them sales of cars to level world should be upper to which is recorded the year last in the major markets of the world. United States is one of those large markets and makes two days already I used of that November could be a month of turning after them sales negative in August, September and October. As well, the estimates have successful and the sales of November have grown a 3.6 percent regard to November of the year last.

This growth may seem very little (and for the volume of people that exist in the country) but as presented the future is one fact more than good. Black friday and the great deals of the brands have made possible that these data have been reached. With all is have registered 1.378.000 million of vehicles new (between passenger cars and all land) in addition to the growth that also have experienced those trucks and vehicles industrial.

Chrysler 200

If we study the manufacturers, General Motors has managed to grow by 10 percent as a whole. Inside General Motors Chevrolet has grown a 8.1 percent, GMC a 14 percent, Buick a 16 percent and Cadillac another 14 percent. Toyota with a growth of 4.3 per cent has managed to overtake Ford Motor with a growth of 5.1 per cent by 1,200 units of difference.

Nissan is one of the brands that more grows in the market American. The growth that has experienced the signs Japanese is of a 8 percent and the of its subsidiary of luxury Infiniti a 3.6 percent. His compatriot Honda Motor, after three months with a growth zero, has attained place is in the 7.9 per cent and Acura is has marked a growth of a 5.1 percent regard to year last.

Other brands that should be congratulated is Subaru. The division American of the signature Japanese takes sixty months increasing their sales in the country and the last November has attained sell 51.308 vehicles new. This amount is a record for the brand since it has grown about 11 percentlast year.

On the other side we have the group Fiat Chrysler Automóbiles (FCA). The Italian-American Group saw its sales returned to fall one month more marking on November 14 percent negative. Within FCA Jeep sees how their deliveries fall a 12 per cent, but that greater fall has experienced has been Chrysler with a 47 percent in red. In Fiat and Dodge things nor were better with a drop of 15 and 21 per cent respectively. The only brand that it has given a joy to the Group has been RAM with a growth of the 12 percent.


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