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The Skoda Superb RS might be a little closer than we think

Skoda Superb RS

For years it has been thought that models sporting Skoda RS would not have much future. Currently only in the range the Skoda Octavia RS and it offers all the sensations of a real sports car. Although it seems that mark Czech will continue betting on these models and the range could soon be expanded. And it seems that having more ballots would be the Skoda Superb RS.

That same has left fall Michael Irmer, director of Skoda Australia, that said that “it would be absolutely fantastic for us have it (the Superb RS).” “I have heard that the factory it is evaluating him now, but not yet confirmed”. Also is questioned the option of what engines could carry and if would have a version diesel and other gasoline, as happens currently with the Octavia RS.

Where the version returned to life, would be obviously it has to be more powerful and faster q

Skoda Superb RS

In the Octavia RS used engines are the diesel 2.0 TDI with 184 CV Meanwhile, the most powerful gasoline is the 2.0 TSI of 230 HP. It certain is that in other countries there is a version of the Superb with Engine 2.0 TSI and 280 CV, by which a Variant RS would be more near this last. It more likely is that if comes to production this model would overcome them 300 CV and the benefits of the Octavia, making the 0-100 km / h in little more than 5 seconds.

But in addition to raise is the Superb RS, seems that it marks Czech is thinking the the option of a Skoda Kodiaq RS. The new SUV could receive a sporty version with more than 200 HP and an aesthetic more aggressive according to some rumors. Although the same will happen to the Superb, which take them to production would have to show that there is a large enough demand that could justify their existence in terms of sales.

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