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The Spanish auxiliary industry improves its exports and billing

Industria Auxiliar

The auxiliary industry for the sector of the automobile in Spain is very important. Without their ability to work and flexibility it would be impossible that we will tell seventeen production plants scattered throughout the skin of a bull. Its importance is also seen in the volume of their exports to other countries and the number total of business which provides for the Spanish economy.

These days, the Spanish Association of manufacturers of equipment and components for automotive (Sernauto) has published data on the number of exports of equipment and automotive components manufactured in Spain during the first quarter of this year. According to Sernauto data are very positive and seem to confirm that the ghost of the crisis is increasingly of the Spanish auxiliary industry.

Industria Auxiliar

According to Sernauto between the months of January and April 2016 have been exported, to third countries, by $ 6.675 million euros equipment and automotive components. This amount represents a 7.4 per cent more than the same quarter of last year. With these figures the sector consolidates its growth doubling the averages of the last decade encrypted by 3.4 per cent. This allows that the economic numbers are placed in levels to those achieved before the crisis .

With the figures in hand, we can observe that the first market for the Spanish auxiliary industry is the European Union assuming a total of 75 percent of exports. This percentage allows a turnover of 5,000 million euros, reaching an annual rate of 7.6 percent. In the European Union, all the countries have increased their purchases of components Made In Spain. On the opposite side is United Kingdom, which has decreased by 3.5% Spanish sourcing.

If we focus on the rest of the markets, the main buyer of components manufactured in Spain it is Turkey worth 146 million euros. United States, It is located in second place with a turnover of 271 million euros. To close, we have China, which consolidates its growth with 29 percent more shopping and a turnover of 150 million euros.

We hope that our auxiliary industry continue to improve year by year its data and remain an important engine for the economy and employment Spanish.

Source – Sernauto

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