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The super Renault Zoe will have up to 400 km of autonomy

Renault ZOE Swiss Edition

A week ago we brought you news about Renault and its electric Zoe. In it I explained that according to BFMTV Renault would be thinking present in the imminent Hall of Paris a Zoe vitaminized with an autonomy augmented until them 350 kilometers. As well, already not makes lack that continue waiting to Renault confirm or disprove the information, already know that is official and that will begin to sell is more soon of what you imagine.

According to the information, to carry to out the increase of autonomy in the Renault Zoe, is would have introduced in the small urban electric a new package of batteries of 60 kWh. In addition, for their development Nissan would have involved since this new battery will eventually also moving some of their electric models. Well, we already have the exact data of new battery that will drive the Zoe.

Renault ZOE Swiss Edition

Renault Holland reported that already accept orders for the new version of the Zoe. In this way, with the introduction of this new variant, the mechanical range will consist of two versions. I.e., the version current with a battery of 22 kWh would continue being present and in addition is agonizes the new with 41 kWh. With the first version the autonomy of the urban electric according to the NEDC cycle would be about 240 km and the second version with same standard of consumption would be about 400 kilometers.

In addition, each version has a different power level. Both a version as another mounted the same block but the first will have a power of 77 cv and the second would go up to them 88 cv. They will also have two ways to recharge the batteries. The first would be with a charger conventional and a second that would be better prepared to perform loads fast. This second option will take as a name Quickcharger.

According to the subsidiary that has facilitated the information the difference of price that there will be between a version and other will be about them 2,500 euros. However will have to be vigilant since prices could, and indeed will do so, vary from one country to another. By it soon the Dutch that thus it wish to can order one the next Saturday, much before it expected!

Source – Renault

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