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The Suzuki Swift Roadster (Cappuccino) could thus be

Suzuki Swift Roadster

He new Suzuki Swift just of be presented for the market Japanese, but are wishing of that make its debut of form official in the Hall of Geneva to see what us will offer the brand in Europe. We are also eager to get our hands to check what is able the new urban of the Japanese firm. In actualidadmotor already have informed of some details about its range of engines and how could be a future version Sport.

In this case touches us dream with the it could be the version of the Swift roadster. The image, made by Theophilus Chin, shows how could be a hypothetical body cabrio made on the basis of the future urban Japanese. Cut on the back of the bodywork we remember powerfully to missing Copen Dahiatsu and like him would only have the front seats.

Suzuki Swift 2017

The recreation that has made Theophilus Chin uses a ceiling hard retractable retractable low it top of the boot e incorporates some arches of security fixed located after them headrest of driver and passenger. For those more nostalgic of the signature, that the Swift could count with a version convertible us back to the time of the Cappuccino. Suzuki Cappuccino was a small roadster that was in the catalogue of the firm during the 1990s.

This small car weighing a few hundred pounds and confined to the technical specifications of the Kei Car Japanese in its engine power (a 600 cc yielding a maximum of 64 HP) both measures. In this case, unlike what happened when the brand launched the Cappuccino, the Swift roadster will not reach the market since it is part of a segment where sales are minority and recover the investment made for marketing would be very difficult for the firm.

Source – Theophilus Chin

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