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The taxi driver is now a reality. Singapore opens its roads

Taxi sin conductor

Singapore is an is an of the main cities of the world and one of them centers nerve of the trade world. This small Asian State has the third largest financial centre in the world. In addition, it also has the second seaport that moves higher goods globally. This situation makes to Singapore in a country very attractive for the large companies technological, since their potential economic and social facilitates that them advances technological are possible.

Autonomous driving is one of the goals which seems to have been marked for the global automotive sector. Practically all the brands want to have a car autonomous in its range and of step want to boast of be it first in put in circulation a model of this type. To Tesla Motors, with its autopilot, you still about Google, Ford or General Motors. However, which by now seems to be winning the battle is the signature of Silicon Valley.


However, the race for autonomous driving does not remain only in autonomous vehicles drivers offer, they want more. This more would be the possibility of offer to the customers a service of transport completely autonomous, i.e., expand the driving autonomous to them taxis of them large cities of the world.

As well, the startup nuTonomy has begun to perform the first tests of taxis without driver with customers real in them way of Singapore. This test in actual circulation is carried out after months of trials in these pathways. The difference lies in that the first trials were conducted without passengers and measures circulation conditions and in the real test was passed to have passengers and actual traffic conditions.

To carry to out these tests in conditions real nuTonomy will allow to a group of customers request through your application for mobile a ride free. After have made the journey the customer must complete a brief survey to collect its opinion and feelings. With these data, nuTonomy can be assessed the reception which has among customers the taxi driver and the feasibility of implementing this form of mobility in large cities.

With the launch of the first taxi driver, nuTonomy anticipates Uber, since the U.S. company planned to launch its first autonomous taxi in the State at Pittsburgh in the next few weeks.

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