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The Tesla Model 3 will not mount the batteries of 100 kWh

Tesla Model 3
Tesla continues preparing for the arrival of its Model 3. The sedan’s access to the range of the American manufacturer, which will open a new portfolio of clients, will land on the market in a few months, being highly anticipated arrival. Still we don’t have all the data of the sedan, so gradually we are going to know more about this electric model. As it is its battery, which in the words of the own Elon Musk, it will not benefit from the 100 kWh.
The problem lies in the dimensions of the Tesla Model 3. This model is smaller than that his future brothers Model X and Model S, so it has no capacity, according to Musk, bear these batteries. The wheelbase of the Model 3 is too short to accommodate a 100 kWh battery, a story that did not like some users responding to Elon Musk on the social network Twitter.

Tesla Model 3
Although seems very likely that Tesla Model 3 cuena 60 kWh battery, which guarantees you the competition with its direct rival, the Chevrolet Bolt. This model has this battery pack, a set that gives it a range of more than 350 km. Thus, the competitiveness of the sedan from Tesla, in addition to being able to attract customers who previously would have not thought of buy an electric would be assured.
In the same way, Tesla has confirmed that there are no plans to launch more than 100 kWh in its Model S and Model X batteries. However, she added that the concept of truck Tesla the single battery may be higher than this mentioned.

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