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The Toyota Hilux in troubles to the submit is to the test of the Moose (with video)

Toyota Hilux test del alce

Toyota Hilux 2016 It has been presented this year. The new generation of the popular pickup was totally renewed and with quite a few new features. But today we will try another theme, dynamic gaps that appear after some testing by the Swedish publication Teknikens Värld. Such a magazine has already proved the Hilux nine years ago and the result was that almost dumps to the moose test.

This maneuver elusive would serve to avoid hitting any object and in this case will test systems such as ESP or suspensions. After the bad result in 2007, they have wanted to try again with the new generation. The Hilux is available to perform the operation at a speed of 60 km/h and when it comes out of the first turn the inner wheels are raised, being on two wheels and close to tip over if not for the reaction of the pilot.

Apparently the pick-up reacted too much to the maneuver because of its high Center of gravity and good grip. Will not be an excuse, since subsequently be assessed some of its main rivals. The Dodge RAM, Nissan Navara, Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Ranger, Isuzu d-Max and Mitsubishi L200 have no problems even at a greater speed of between 64 and 68 km/h. Toyota Hilux was riding 18-inch wheels, would that be the problem?

As the Swedish magazine asked for a unit with 17-inch wheels to undergo the same test and the result was similar. It is true that in less proportion, but the two wheels Interior remain lifted. The moose test is loaded the vehicle with 830 kg extra, but it is still not acceptable behavior. Toyota Sweden wished to respond to the test saying that they will take it into account and evaluate what happened.

Source – Teknikens Värld via Autonocion

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