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The University more drunks behind the wheel Spanish

Récord control de alcoholemia en A Coruña

The automotive brand Ford shows us a few too sad data collected for a study, and we say simply sad by call it a mild form. The study relates to the students from different European countries with his driving and, unless the University polled Spaniards taken the survey to joke, Spaniards suspended clearly in point of mixing alcohol and driving, as well as the French.

In this study it has interviewed a total of 6,500 University of Germany, Spain, France, Italy and United Kingdom. In it, many young respondents recognize that they use their mobile phones while driving, which exceed the speed limits, and some of them, they claim to driving under the influence of alcohol. Here are the percentages of each section:

Récord control de alcoholemia en A Coruña

Of respondents (from all the European countries mentioned above), 43% admits to have sent text messages while driving, 38% have used mobile apps and 36 have made calls. Of the total, 60% recognizes overcome the limits of speed and 13% had driven under the influence of alcohol. They are too high percentages, but even more so of the Spaniards, whose percentage of academics that support have been put behind the wheel after drinking alcohol is 18%.

On the other hand, 48% of young European University claim to have been tempted to drive with more passengers permitted, 75% to driving after having slept very little or nothing, and 28% to climb in a car whose driver had consumed alcohol. With all this data, not surprising at all that 30% of college students have admitted to have been involved in an accident of traffic.


As we said, the Spaniards have the highest percentage of driving under the influence of alcohol (18%), while the Italians are the most used mobile at the wheel (49%) and the Germans most likely to exceed speed limits.

Perhaps, if occur more awareness lectures in institutes and universities of the consequences that can result in these practices, and if in the colleges and institutes is it delivers a subject of safety, traffic accidents would cease to be the leading cause of death among young people around the world. In Europe, young people are almost double the chances of dying in a car accident than the European environment.

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