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The V2V system ready to make the leap to trucks

V2V camiones

The other day I talked of that United States wants to that the system of communication between vehicles V2V out of series in them new cars that is marketed in the country. To us us seemed an idea very good since the level technological of those cars is growing and can serve as element of safety to avoid that is produce more accidents of traffic. However seems that this system not is going to comply with reach to them cars normal and currents.

The company platoon Technology, with headquarters in Silicon Valley (California, United States) is finalizing the leap of the technology V2V to them trucks of goods. As we said before, if arriving cars seems an excellent idea which trucks to reach it seems even better. All know that them truckers spend many hours to the steering wheel of these huge moles metal and that have many more likely of suffer accidents (by them laws physical to which are subject) that them cars by what count with this system can help them to avoid certain situations that commit its security and it of the rest of people that circulate by the via.

V2V camiones

Joshua Switkes, CEO of platoon Technology, has commented that during the next year 2017 it company will begin to perform the first tests by roads open to the traffic in the United States. To carry them to out the company will provide to them companies with fleets of trucks that want to participate the software and them transponders necessary for them trucks is can communicate between them.

With this system platoon Technology says that the companies of transportation may reduce dramatically the consumption of fuel to the to warn whenever there are is of them situations that has in the road. All these parameters will be monitored during the time that the tests for face to the next year 2018 the system available on the market to incorporate them into trucks as standard equipment or optional.

Source – platoon Technology

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