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The Volkswagen Golf is still reigning in sales during 2016 in Europe

Volkswagen Golf 2017

The other day I talked of how the sales of cars in the European market over the last year 2016had evolved. In the old continent large markets have behaved as expected and as a result have has saved a year which may have ended in tables. So this outside possible need to know what are the models more sold during the year and that it will see now.

The Volkswagen Group will be more than satisfied by the work so well that they are doing with the Golf. The compact is Europe’s best-selling car for years and as, in 2016 has not returned repeated in the top drawer of the podium. Furthermore this is not all, because the urban pole followed in second place and closing the three top Renault Clio that manages to recover positions with respect to other years.

Skoda Octavia 2017

The firm responsible for developing this list is the specialist in the field of automobile Focus2Move. To make this report have taken into account the 100 models that are most sold in Europe. In addition, as regards countries refers, they have included all the countries that form the European Union, Russia, Turkey and the Balkan republics that are not included among the members of the European common market.

It Volkswagen Golf has achieved selling during 2016 nothing less that 578,861 units. If is one of the models that has seen their deliveries about 2015 fall 8.8 percent, although this situation has not prevented it to rise up with first place. El Polo grew to 2015 a 3.7 percent with 389,885 units and the Clio grew 0.7 percent with 341,597 units.

Within the list of the hundred best sellers include some models like the Hyundai Tucson that respect to 2015 has sold 177,646 units. Another prominent is since Fiat Panda that has managed to move from the 173.068 units sold to the 194.763 marking a growth of 12.5 percent over the year 2015. Of the other models should highlight the Suzuki Grand Vitara, Ford EcoSport or Mazda CX-3.

Source – Focus2Move

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