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The Volkswagen Group has operating its plant in Kenya

Volkswagen Kenia

The Volkswagen Group still unstoppable to the first position in the world ranking of sales. To wrest the Toyota Scepter definitively has to increase its sales in many countries and which now does not neglect are developing. Today (and always) Africa is one of the poorest continents of the world and its car industry is not developed enough to be profitable brands, however, Volkswagen is going to bet on it and already have operating its first factory in Kenya.

The place chosen for the construction of the new plant is Thika town close to the capital of the country. For the Act of it opening have State present, among other authorities, the Counselor delegate of Volkswagen, Herbert Diess, and the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, as can see in the photo upper. The name chosen for these facilities has been the Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers (KVM) and doing honor to the latest factories that the German consortium has opened its internal flexibility is one of its main qualities.

Separación Grupo Volkswagen

This new plant has an installed production capacity initial 1,000 cars a year. In addition, obviously the capacity could go increasing depending on the needs of the brand up to a maximum of 5,000 units. Both Presidents had the occasion of riding is and try it first unit that this factory has assembled of the Volkswagen Polo live, the model chosen by the group for manufacture of form local.

With this plant the group Volkswagen reinforced its dominant position in the South African market since it can adjust prices without paying any tariffs. Also, for your opening them new workers of the plant have been formed by the workers of the Group Volkswagen Sudaficra (subsidiary of the Consortium German). According to the President of the country, with the investment of Volkswagen the economy of the country will be best and is will create new positions of work both direct as indirect.

Source – group Volkswagen AG

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