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The Volkswagen Group saves your accounts in the third quarter

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The Volkswagen Group and its accounts it seems that they are resisting the stakes of the Dieselgate. Throughout the industry threw is the hands to the head when they uncovered the scandal and early estimates of the costs that this issue could lead to the Group were made. However, under the number that just of present the Consortium is made patent the said of that “what not you kills you makes more strong“.

According to the report released by the Volkswagen Group during lI first nine months of the year the Group has checked $ 160 billion. This is 0.2 percent more compared to the same period of last year. This data is very positive, but the figure of the benefit operating for the first nine months of the year is has increased a 10.5 percent raising is from them 10.2 thousand million of the year 2,015 to them 11.2 thousand million of this exercise.

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These numbers have been made possible by cutting unnecessary costs caused by the Dieselgate. If we translate these benefits into sales, during the third quarter, the Volkswagen Group has managed to sell 2.454. ooo million units, assuming an increase of 4.4% over the previous year. This has assumed that the figure of business during the first nine months of the year is increase a 1 percent regard to 2015 assuming 51.997 million of dollars.

Of this volume of business the Group Volkswagen has retrieved a profit operating of 3.308 million of $, when in the third quarter of the year previous obtained some losses of 3.479 million. With all of this, net profit stands at 2,337 billion euros compared with the 1.673 million dollars that took losses in 2015.

These figures have been achieved thanks, above all, to the good behaviour in sales that Porsche is taking. The brand of sports has achieved sell more than 177.000 vehicles in them first nine months of the year and this has able that their benefits is have increased more than it estimated initially by the Group Volkswagen. Other brands maintained a trend similar to the last year, except for Volkswagen that is starting to notice the effects of the Dieselgate, although they are not yet visible at all.

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