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The Volkswagen Group will not undo any of its brands

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When the Dieselgate erupted crook by surprise to the Volkswagen Group and its brands. Not can tell that were hoping that that happened, but certainly not had planned face is to what les has happened. Among the many measures that have had to take it are the economic and these can be tough if the situation isn’t resolved sooner rather than later.

To do facing them possible sanctions that you van to fall has had that fueling ones Seventeen thousand million of euros and as is logical is translate in some investment more “intelligent”. This situation for some media jumped to the fore saying that the Volkswagen Group would likely have to get rid of any of its brands to obtain liquidity and lower the pressure on itself.

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However, seems that the blood finally not will arrive to the river, and them marks of the Group Volkswagen will continue to to except under its umbrella. By the mouth of the group, Hans Dieter Poetsch, supervisor Chairman have known that the group does not need to sell any of its brands to obtain liquidity. Therefore this shows that the finances of the group are strong and can endure the Gale of the Dieselgate.

With these statements remain undecided the issues about the future of the Group and its brands. Now touch see how is behave them different brands in the markets in which are present. We must also see how it solves the problem of image which have Volkswagen as a brand in the United States since it is very damaged and may take to recover for many years.

Another key point for the Volkswagen Group remains solid is that synergies between brands continue to increase. Do this for each of the brands of the group will position itself in a specific market niche and by using common technology they will cover better market.

Source-Grupo Volkswagen

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