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The works of the Gigafactoria of Tesla Motors to view of bird

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Since I came to the market Tesla Motors the things have changed substantially. In a first time not was taken in seriously by the sector, however has shown to own and outside that is a signature that has come to be is e trying to be one of them roosters of the poultry. With the Roadster he laid the first stone, but the S Model is that you to open the doors of most markets in the world.

Such has been the growth that has experienced it firm of Silicon Valley that its range has grown with an all road and is in road a future saloon more small that the Model S. All these plans take shape they decided to build one of the world’s largest factories for manufacture their batteries. With this movement let of be dependent of their suppliers and can reduce the costs of development and manufacturing increasing their benefits.

As we all know the place chosen by Elon Musk to build the gigafactoria is in Nevada, USA and thanks to this video made by Matthew Roberts can see it rather than going construction work. By now there is much work ahead but when it is finished it will occupy a total area of 107 football fields and in it the firm wants to manufacture 500,000 annual units that have been marked aim when you arrive at the market the Model 3.

When this mega factory is to full performance Tesla expected to produce some 35 gigawatts hour (GWh) of capacity to the year. With this power will become one of the factories more dropouts in terms of technology for the automotive industry worldwide. By now its construction goes to good rhythm to the expected of that them models of the signature arrive to the market in them deadlines that the brand has announced and not is delay in the time much more than it initially announced.

Source (video) – Matthew Roberts

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