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Thermal camera and see how to take temperature this engine (video)

He cold that whips these last days the Peninsula Ibérica, besides almost to all Europe, us has made harbor us more than it usual, with temperatures quite below them zero degrees in many points. So cold has made that even we could see snow in municipalities where there was half a century that not fell a snowflake. I wonder if we have paid our car the attention that it deserves in these situations.

As you all know, starting a heat engine when it takes several hours standing assumes various efforts for the same. To be “cold” lubricant is thicker of as it must be in normal operating conditions. This is why that, even though we lose fuel, please wait a few seconds since we put it up until we started. In the following video, with a thermal camera, we can see how it is gradually taking temperature.

Heat engines are designed to operate correctly at a temperature of antifreeze that ronde 90 degrees. It is not necessary to wait for the refrigerant fluid to take that temperature so we begin the March and also warm the oil, but after a night of frost always come well leave it several seconds or even a few minutes. In that space of time oil is will be moving, heating and reaching all corners, what it will lengthen the life of our engine.

In this video, and thanks to the thermal camera, we could see that the propeller of a Subaru has cost him about 5 minutes leave idle in its usual range after having spent a night around 6 negative degrees Celsius. It is important to remember that if your car usually is in cold climates you should, and let him started a few minutes before starting the March, use liquid coolants suitable to this climate and also specific oils. Your engine will thank you. Ah, and not forget treat you “with sweetheart” (without acceleration or stretching them marches) until is find near their temperature optimum.

Source-Engineering Explained

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