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These are the five cars preferred by the Spanish

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Yesterday, as always at the beginning of month, we did our usual review of the performance of the sector in terms of sales referred to in Spain, also evaluating as it has gone in this sense the first half of the year.

Today we will check what have been passenger cars preferred by customers when purchasing a new car, and the best-selling brands. Again, both in the past month of June as the newly completed first half of the year.


Golf mk7 2

In the month of June have had surprise. In fifth position Volkswagen Polo is sold 3,616 units and following closely to another segment B German, the Corsa, with 3,625 sales. Already on the podium but to shot of stone of the two previous have to the Renault Megane and their 3.634 units. With a greater margin of space have to the Citroën C4 in second position with 4.099 sales and, in the first place and as the segment is leading, Spanish B, the Seat Ibiza. Us surprised the result of the Seat Leon, a regular of the podium that this time is has remained in sixth place. Ibiza, wearing a slightly less strong season has returned to the top.

In terms of the data accumulated from the first part of the year, the Top5 begins with the legendary Volkswagen Golf and its 15.878 units registered, which narrowly outperforms her little brother, Polo, and having the possibility of snatching fourth place close to the Opel Corsa, which closed the first half with 16.160 cars. In the third step of the podium is the Ibiza 19.195 units, following the lion with 19.806 and outstanding leader, Citroen C4, and their 21.173 registrations.



The five brands of cars more sold in June have been the Spanish belonging to VAG, Seat, with 8.491 cars registered. Fourth, Peugeot has been placed with 9.138 sales. The third company that registered highest number of sales is Volkswagen 9.821 units, according to Opel which is positioned in second place thanks to 10.438 sales. The place more high of the podium is for Renault and their 11.760 cars delivered.

In the first semester them members of the Top5 are the same that in the of June, although the order varies in the three first positions. In this way, Seat is in fifth place and Peugeot in fourth, with 45.786 and 43.644 marketing respectively. In third place we have to Renault and their 46.441 vehicles delivered, in second position, and with the French stepping on you them heels, us found to Volkswagen with 49.472 registrations. In the highest the Top5 and with a good advantage keeps Opel, with 53.770 deliveries so far of the year.

Source | ANFAC

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