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These are the prices for the Volkswagen Golf 2017 in Spain

Volkswagen Golf 2017

Made something more than one month that Volkswagen made the presentation of the Volkswagen Golf 2017, presentation that here you have. Not is was of a relay generational, by which the changes aesthetic not were too large; in fact, they are almost invaluable abroad, although somewhat notable in the cockpit. In any case, those changes more important of the new Golf not are appreciable by the eye human, but yes are quite significant.

Modifications of this restyling, updating, or facelift, as we want to call it; is focus specifically on them equipment, in a great number of aid for the driving and Security active, and in the system of infotainment with the striking Virtual Cockpit of 12.3 inches; In addition to some changes in the mechanics offered. In this mode, the Golf 2017 improves considerably them aspects technological of its predecessor, as well as in matter of safety.

Volkswagen Golf 2017

In the outside them unique changes that can call the attention are them optical of lights, with some new headlights Full LED that replaced to them of xenon in the part front, although only depending on them finished, being them variants more modest of bulbs halogen. Also forms of the bumper and the operation of the indicators, which are now progressive change tire designs, slightly. To discover in depth every novelty that will see in the Golf 2017, here you it detailed in full.

Some days back is made public them listings of prices of the compact German by excellence for its market local, Germany. Now we have available prices for the Spanish market and, despite the fact that the first units will not arrive until February or March, and reservations can be made.

Engine Edition Advance Sport GTI
Engine Edition Advance Sport GTI
1st TSI 110 CV 19.960 € 21.610 €
110 HP DSG TSI 1 23,430 €
1.4 TSI 125 HP 22.320 €
1.4 TSI 125 HP DSG €24.150
2.0 TSI 230 HP €33.850
2.0 TSI 230 HP DSG 35.740 €
1.6 TDI 115 HP €22.820 €24.480 €27.290
1.6 TDI 115 HP DSG €26.320 €29.130
2.0 TDI 150 CV €26.090 €28.870
2.0 TDI DSG 150 CV €27.920 €30.690

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Volkswagen Golf

From 18.740 euros

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