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This could be the first accident of a Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron accidente

Bugatti Chiron It was presented during the month of March, at the Geneva Motor Show. Since then is has left see in some places like Goodwood, besides show is during their tests extreme. Today I show you could be the first accident of the supercar. At least, is the first of which we have knowledge. And it has not been produced by an inexperienced client as many might think.

The Group Volkswagen is has seen forced to to pronounce is in this topic, since the accident has been to hands of one of its pilots of tests. Manuela Höhne, spokesman of Bugatti, clarified the matter saying that “by misfortune the conductor not was attentive and the car fell in a ditch of the road.” Fortunately nobody was wounded“.” Although they have not disclosed the site of the accident, if that could capture an image.

Bugatti Chiron

Although the Bugatti Chiron is covered partially by a canvas, were able to see that the flaws are considerable. Not is clear if the supercar can move is by itself only, as is being being towed by a tractor. Although not believe that we should lament the loss, as most likely is the brand to repair it and to continue fulfilling its role as a vehicle for testing.

Although insurance repair does not leave them cheap, because the price of the car on the market exceeds 2.4 million euros. Is clear that the Chiron is a model to which there is to treat with respect. Part of the blame it has its engine W16 of four turbos and 8.0 liters that is capable of develop 1,500 CV and 1,600 Nm. Thanks to this element, the supercar passes of 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds and its speed maximum is above them 420 km / h.

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