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This is an all-terrain: the Ford F-150 6 × 6 Hennessey VelociRaptor

Ford F-150 6x6 VelociRaptor de Hennessey

If you are a regular of today engine is more than likely that know to the company Hennessey. It’s an external trainer that has us accustomed to modifications of vehicles, which normally manages to extract a considerable number of extra power, as well as a tuning much sportier. Today, however, no us shows a sports improved, but a pick-up American and very prestigious to which you have added two wheels more. A Ford F-150 6 × 6 nicknamed VelociRaptor.

The first vehicle of six wheels and traction in all and each an of them was the Mercedes G63 AMG 6 × 6. A vehicle that is marketed with this disposition of series, although not have been many them units sold, and is that its price exceeded with grow to the of many Supercars: 450,000 euros. In addition, cannot be too useful unless you do not have any problem of parking and travel from a city to another for cross-country.

What itself showed the 6 × 6 of Mercedes is that few more wheels between that spread the energy of the engine best. Perhaps by this Hennessey has decided venture is and prepare this VelociRaptor Ford F-150 6 × 6; and the best of all is that it makes to a price much more affordable: 260,000 euros.

Ford F-150 6x6 VelociRaptor de Hennessey

As can see in the images, the preparer not only is has dedicated to duplicate them wheels of the shaft back, but has redesigned it aesthetic totally with new bumper, lighting and bars anti-tip. As in a good all-rounder is linked directly to get good traction, Hennessey Ford F-150 6 × 6 has received some huge tyres mounted 20 inches even protruding over the sides of the body. As is logical, all the system of suspension also has been improved and configured for this preparation.

With regard to the mechanical, the VelociRaptor has seen improved the V6 3.5 EcoBoost of 450 cv, increasing their power end to them 600 cv. Of the transmission is responsible for a box of changes automatic of 10 speed, as that have spoken makes some hours, although with a configuration very different in this case. On the other hand, optionally can configure our Ford F-150 6 × 6 with different systems of exhaust, brakes Brembo and Interior to measure, among other things.

Source – TopGear

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