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This is the monocoque of the next generation of McLaren Super Series

Monocasco McLaren Super Series

This that you see in the image is the monocoque of fiber of carbon of the next model that will launch the brand of Woking. McLaren is preparing the second generation of Super Series, i.e., the successors of the 650S and 675LT. The first in reach is expected that is the substitute of the McLaren 650S Coupé, that of time is known with the code internal ‘ P14’. There will be more news in the range in the coming years.

The reason is that will be the first of 15 models that will arrive in the next five years thanks to the plan of business Track22. And this model will be more light that his predecessor because the Monocage II has improved his strength and rigidity to lost weight. With it, the new sports is will be in 1.283 kg (18 kg less that the 650S Coupé) which is translated in an improves dynamic, with a centre of gravity more low.

McLaren 650S

McLaren 650S

And not only that, but with this new monocoque of carbon improves the access to the cockpit and the visibility to the steering wheel. Also the customer can choose by the ‘Visual Monocage‘ to some areas as the inside of the pillar to have it fiber of carbon to the view. What still not is so clear of the new model is his name and his power (that normally van of the hand). Some rumors suggest it will be McLaren 720S.

Is an option quite logical that could use a motor V8 biturbo of 4.0 litres, what is 0.2 liters more than cylinder capacity that the mechanical current. The power will also increase up to the 720 HP as its name says, which are 50 HP more than the current. But still there is nothing confirmed, and we have to wait until 7 March at the Geneva Motor Show, that is when the new model will be released.


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