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This is the new BMW M550i xDrive; and Yes, more than to the current M5

BMW M550i xDrive

In mid-October the German brand of blades made official its new sedan in the segment E, BMW series 5 2017. It is neither more nor less than the seventh generation of the German model, and is known internally as the denomination G30. Willing to fight rivals always, the Mercedes E-class and the Audi A6, it will land in the month of February and already have their prices.

At the moment there is no news on its version more benefits, the expected BMW M5, though this M550i BMW xDrive, which will be officially presented during the Salon of the Detroit car earlier this year, will be the prelude to the M5. And if you had any doubt, already you can advance that this M550i xDrive will be more fast that the current BMW M5, unless in the figure of acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h. For a time, this will be the top of range in the series 5.

BMW M550i xDrive

Since is more rapid in acceleration that the current BMW M5, go first with your part technical. He heart that is hides under the bonnet front of the BMW M550i xDrive is a V8 of 4.4 liters of displacement. With admission of air forced thanks to the system TwinPower Turbo, this block is capable of develop 462 CV to 5,500 rpm and a torque maximum of 650 Nm from just 1,800 rpm. Also has with the systems of management of them trees of camshaft and Freehand of them same, them known Vanos and Valvetronic.

To difference of the BMW M5 that today is marketed, the energy generated by the V8 4.4 is distributed between them four wheels thanks to the system of traction integral xDrive, having last before by a box of changes automatic Steptronic of 8 relations with camshaft in the steering wheel. Therefore, you can perform the exact 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds , 3 tenths less in need to complete this acceleration to the M5. His speed tip is is limited to 250 km / h, while the consumption approved is left in 8.9 l / 100 km.

BMW M550i xDrive

Not only it is live engine, and therefore this version has gone in its development through the hands of M Performance, those who have given you a sunset to rebate the chassis 10 mm height and a more powerful brake system and with tweezers in blue who stay after the 19-inch series or the optional 20 wheels. Them experiences more intense will arrive with the modes of driving Sport and Sport +, that will increase the dynamism to the give a calibration more sports to the suspension Adaptive M, address and answers of the change and of the own motor.

In the part aesthetic also is appraised that extra of sportsmanship, leaving see that not are before a BMW series 5 “normal and current”. Has with a kit aerodynamic specific, that will highlight by your small spoiler rear, them mirrors foreign, the tonality “ceric Gray” of the outline of them kidneys, the side skirts and them new bumper. Also will be shown a new diffuser with prominent outputs of exhaust.

BMW M550i xDrive

The Interior will also be altered, looking for that driver and occupants will be within a sports saloon although not the final top. Details as them upholstered in leather Dakota and seams blue to contrast of them seats sports M, or the typical finished in aluminum for the bottom bracket and dashboard will put the Cherry to this super cake with high dose of sportsmanship.

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