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This “nazi-movil” authentic 1938 auction

If you like history and automobiles, surely like the history of the automobile, but also cars with history. Am I wrong? The car that we have in the images has a rich history after, and not because it was produced almost 80 years ago, which also, if not by who belonged.

It’s a Mercedes 320 Cabriolet B. Only 34 units of this convertible model were made and one of them, which we see in the pictures, was produced in Mannheim Mercedes factory.

Under its hood is an 3.4 liters of displacement 6-cylinder engine, which could launch this protagonist up to 140 kilometres per hour, a speed to take into account and that the weight is 2,050 pounds.

The exclusivity of the model and the condition may give much juice to collectors who want to bid on it, but still gives more juice the fact of having belonged to a person of the nazi during the second World War Army. To this we must also add that that owner suffered an attack that ended her life precisely while it was circulating in this beautiful Mercedes 320 Cabriolet B.


His name was Reinard Heydrich and was an SS officer, a person very close to Adolf Hitler. The attack which the Heydrich was losing life a few days later took place in Prague on May 27, 1942, and as you can imagine, the car was seriously damaged.

In addition to the damage caused by the attack, the Mercedes that occupies us these lines disappeared for several decades, being found in 1980 in a barn with a fairly unfavorable conservation status.

Later it underwent a worked and slow restoration process so it back to life and looked as it must look so unique vehicle like this and with a story so striking. Once all the work of recovery of the vehicle, it has been used multiple times for different film oriented at the time.

On June 26th will be auctioned in Denmark and we are very confident that your price will be very high.

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