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This summer will have fired the victims mortal: 253 dead

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Finished in August, plays take stock of records about the months in which displacement conducted: July and August. During these two months, the different news we have repeated again and again as the accommodations of beach and the same beaches were overflowing, there was a PIN. It is true that according to data if figures have increased in the areas of coast with respect to past years, by what movements by road also.

The DGT says that during the two summer months there have been some 85 million long-haul travel on our roads, which represent an increase of 4.6% over the same period of the past 2015, which was recorded with 81.1 million. It seems that we have also had a significant growth in foreign tourist arrivals.

Either way, the case is that the always sad data of who died in the road during these two months of the year has increased with respect to the year previous, and not just of mild form. 253 people have lost their lives on the road during the months of July and August, meaning an increase of no less than 27 fatalities. In July we left 123 people in traffic accidents, and in August were 130.

Accidente Ford Mustang España Galicia

Besides the long journeys in search of a few days of breaks away from the usual residences, we must keep in mind that during the summer are more corta-media distance routes to go to theme parks, water parks, visiting relatives, etc. Nor can forget us of them festivities of them peoples and cities, that perhaps are them journeys more hazardous by the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.

The DGT has increased controls of speed, alcohol and drugs during the summer, as well as checks on the conditions of the vehicles themselves. The number of sanctions by some or other reasons (or the sum of several) has been quite high, but even so the number of fatalities has increased.

Different reports make us see that she the age of our vehicles is very high, by launching an indirect making us see that the increase in mortality in the road is due to that our cars are old, outdated and that not, keep them everything as well it should. To some extent they have reason, but they should take care of consciousness.


During the years of crisis, the figures of mortality have been declining gradually. In those years them Spanish just have bought cars, by what take the blame to the increase of the middle ages of our cars not is all moral. They also cast blame for the largest number of victims to the greatest number of displacements in these two months. It is clear that influences, to more displacement more likely to have an accident.

However, when the road mortality figures were reduced they not warned that this reduction was highly conditioned by the lower number of displacements. The case is that this summer the relationship between the deceased and the displacement has increased when compared with data from two years ago. And that increasingly more drivers respect traffic regulations and use more important of the safety devices such as seat belt or helmet.

Equal not is made them campaigns of awareness adequate, or perhaps is that some controls of speed, by put an example, is should perform in sites actually dangerous, where of truth itself would help to reduce the claims. Also, an update of a good number of kilometers of it network of roads Spanish nor would come wrong to reduce these sad rates.

In any case, the 253 deaths on our roads during the months of July and August is very high. Be for one reason or another, they should see really what has gone wrong and what is wrong which has declined both to soar again.


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