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This Toyota GT86 roars like a Ferrari 458 Italy


Toyota GT86 is a model that, despite being admired for betting by a traditional configuration of light sports, it has not received the long-awaited acceptance. Even so, are many that have a unit of the Japanese in his garage, and others so many which have captured an of these units to modify it until limits unsuspected. It is the case of the protagonist of these lines, which has had no better idea who mounted the engine of a Ferrari 458 Italy in his Toyota GT86.

It is not the first and surely won’t be the last, that changes the boxer engine of 2.0 liters and 200 horsepower that comes standard with the GT86 by a completely different one. But this case has struck us deeply. Has had its debut in the SEMA Show of 2016, this event in which cost focus the attention in an only car because all call our look powerfully. The father of this work is Ryan Tuerck, drift professional pilot, who is manufacturing this monster of the skidding with help it Huddy Motorsports company.


As you know, the engine of the Ferrari 458 Italy is a V8 atmospheric of 4.5 liters of displacement and 570 horses of power. This great power joins a number of not insignificant pair, and 540 Nm that pushes the sport they are. Although it seems lie, this creation not aims to participate in competitions of drift, so have had no qualms about installing this great block under the hood of the Japanese model. This Toyota GT86 is so personal, even carrying installed leaks in a position that you do not think, just ahead of the front tires.

Toyota Gt4586 is exposed at the SEMA Show being held these days. His surname comes from the combination of the name of the Ferrari, to whom belongs the engine, 458, and GT86. Huddy Motorsports, in addition to installing this block has reinforced all the vehicle that could contain this powerful V8.

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