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This vehicle may be the car you need to be… in ads


The car you see in the ads always is the more colorful, the smartest and the brightest. And that’s normal, because it’s the car that want to buy. So they strive to give you the magic touch, making it look like the better and more attractive, which must be in your garage. But that wonderful car and lucidor has trick, one that going to tell and that will make you look at it with different eyes.

In the majority of cases, that car you see running in an advertisement can be that you there, that is a car produced by CGI, mounted on a vehicle that is used as the basis to create the feeling that the customer wants. This is a car electric and led by a pilot who is the latest fashion in terms of automotive ads .

A chameleon to impersonate any model

Blackbird is the name of this vehicle that has several mobile and adjustable parts that allow you to take the wheel width, length and width of almost any car. This makes it the ideal base to fit the image of the car to play upon him and the magic of the digital effects, is completely identical to the real vehicle. Once the mounting in post-production, it is impossible to distinguish it from a real one.


The characteristics of the Blackbird can be modified to simulate any model, whose body will be added later in post-production The process is as follows. The Blackbird is adjusted to clone to detail the characteristics of the car which is going to be replaced. This means that necessary adjustments are made so that measuring and behave exactly as expected that he do so. Its features are exact to the car in question, although in the case of the same test vehicle. Tires and wheels that are placed which correspond to the car, to offer greater fidelity.

Thanks to all these changes, both wheels and the shadow that offers car to conform to the size which assumes that it will offer the car. Only special effects technicians to dress the body of this vehicle with the chosen skin and no one can tell that you it’s a computer invention.

The advantage of this system is that you can make an ad for a car that is not yet operating. If any changes occur in the design, it can be replaced without too many problems and overhauling the image so that it resembles the production vehicle. Anyway, there is a little trick to know if the announcement is the real car or a design in CGI. Have you ever seen the legend “the final design may differ from the one shown“? Well there you have it.

The Blackbird can also be used to replace cars in the movies and series, so we’ve probably seen it already in some blockbuster and we have not realized. Our dream car can be, for the moment, just a nice fantasy. But at what is a very useful technology?


Via | Gizmag

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