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Thus it is a Mercedes class V passing by Carlex Design

Mercedes Clase V por Carlex Design

Normally, who buys a large van would it do for two reasons: to be able to carry many objects of high volume, or to travel comfortably more than four people. Therefore, there are usually vehicles of large sporting aspirations, nor by touch of driving aesthetics. An of the vans Premium current is the Mercedes class V, that already tested here makes more than one year.

To the not be a vehicle traditional, or not a sports, normally not see preparations striking on this type of cars, although neither is an impossible. There are always exceptions. Carlex Design has decided to carry out a series of cosmetic changes on the Mercedes class V; a few changes which for many will be interesting and that others will see it as a too daring change for a Mercedes model. “Tastes, colors,” says the saying.

Mercedes Clase V por Carlex Design

The truth is that this aesthetic exterior kit provides a rather sportier image this van. Basis for chosen for the body color is Pearl White, to which you have added some subtle details on the front of the green.  Change the bumpers, much more dynamic and aggressive, but not to be too “racing”. Them Stirrups side also is found more near the floor and, in addition, is you has added a false diffuser rear with double output of exhaust to each side to the more pure style AMG.

Inside appear rather more striking changes abroad. And it is that both leather seats and steering wheel to combine black and whitetrim, causing a sharp visual contrast. These two colors also appear in carpets, the bellows of the shift lever and even in the armrests. No doubt, and although like more or less, not be can tell that the inside not is striking.

Mercedes Clase V por Carlex Design

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