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Tipping in the Volkswagen Dieselgate case: now Piëch accused Winterkorn

Grupo Volkswagen Winterkorn vs Piech

Seems that no, but the Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group is being investigated by the German courts, in addition to American. The Committee of inquiry has begun and the other day we informed you that Martin Winterkorn already would have been there to testify about what he knew or could know about the case. In that Act the former sends more than the Group Volkswagen said what everyone expected, i.e., that or knew or saw nothing.

Without, however, these days it’s been also another former bigwig of the German conglomerate (years 1993 to 2002) and in his words the tale could be otherwise. By now we all know Ferdinand Piech and its position within the German group. Piech has been the Patriarch of the Porsche family for years and after the setback suffered by the failed acquisition of the Volkswagen Group joined the company to safeguard the rights of the firm’s sports and because it has a majority percentage of shares the Board of Directors (everything is said).

Grupo Volkswagen

However the relationship between Piech and Winterkorn was around less of friendship, by the problems that there were between both companies never came to be understood. Perhaps this is what has been done to Piech to declare what it has declared against Winterkorn. According to his version of them made, the former CEO of the Group Volkswagen was tanto of all what happened in all and each an of the brands of the group.

Them words exact of Piech were these: Winterkorn was aware of the problems derivatives of them engines sold in United States with the software illegitimate much before the pop of the scandal of them Motors diesel in September of 2015″.” These words complicate, and much, the situation of Winterkorn to prosecutors and judicial authorities of Germany, since they place him in the center of the Bullseye in terms of guilt.

The rest of the history already it know (or that believe), however seems that still there will be more crosses of accusations between both factions of the Group Volkswagen. Take a seat and your popcorn because this story promises.

Source-Süddeutsche Zeitung

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