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Tips for driving at night without

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Although in the summer months we have more hours of light at the end of the day, gets the time at which the Sun disappears, so in winter, as is time that must be driving at night. If in the winter months we had to drive in the dark because there is no choice but, in summer is often take advantage of the night to lead and take full advantage of rest days.

But you have to be careful, because that night driving is more tired to do it day. In fact, 37% of accidents with fatalities that occur each year are produced night. Why should take extra precautions to avoid fatigue to make dent in the concentration and can reach the destination without undergoing any kind of setback.

Turn on the lights at sunset

But at night it is undisputed that must carry on the dipped-beam headlamps, it is important to start using them until the Sun completely disappears. At dusk, when the light falls, it is time to turn them on, to improve visibility. It will not only look better, but for that we see the rest of drivers. If the lack of light joins the rain or something of fog, it is convenient to use it lights, since it increases security.

One of the most modern models has a system that activates the dipped-beam headlamps when it determines that the lighting conditions are no longer sufficient for good visibility.

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Adapt the speed to the field of vision

When we are driving, should maintain a proper speed, allowing that we can stop the vehicle in the field of action of the headlights. This is very logical, since we cannot see beyond this and when you see an obstacle, it should be that the car can stop safely.

Keep the safety distance

For the same reason as above, must be kept a safe distance that allows to slow down to not reach the back of the same. The margin could be perfectly three seconds between one and another car, enough time to react and stop if necessary.

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Be attentive to the first symptoms of fatigue

It is easy to discover if it is falling under the effects of fatigue. The eyes begin to bite, it costs to keep them open. In addition, it begins to be uncomfortable in the seat and reflexes decrease. It is time to rest awhile, stop sleeping a bit if necessary. With an hour or two of rest, is you can continue driving during the night. The best is to rest as long as possible, but if necessary, once eliminated the most immediate fatigue, is may proceed, taking, that Yes, the precautions.

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