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To auction this Porsche 911 R one-off in honor of Steve McQueen

Porsche 911 R homenaje Steve McQueen a subasta

Any lover of those cars would be delighted of own a Porsche 911, but it certain is that for buy it as vehicle new there are that have a deep and full has Bank. The alternative is always seek a unity of occasion, but the nueveonce is in a bubble that does not stop growing, and their prices are not acceptable; at least for the majority of society.

If you are lucky enough to be able to buy a Porsche 911 to premiere as the one who buys a bag of pipes, just as you get profitable to buy a unit in the market of opportunity that has something special. This unit that we see in the pictures is a Porsche 911 R, that which came to the market for the wealthy more purists by its manual gearbox, something that is disappearing in high performance vehicles.

Porsche 911 R homenaje Steve McQueen a subasta

Sincerely, the detail of Porsche 911 r loved all endowing it with manual gearbox. But this unit that we see is something more special than the manual gearbox. Is is from a “One-off” with bodywork grey dark and some lines to contrast in grey more clear; In addition to details in yellow as the pliers brake or the “Porsche” inscription on the doors. The first owner seemed to have some affection to Steve McQueen, and on the threshold of doors you can read in tribute to him: “Racing is life.” “Anything that happens before or after is just waiting”.

The auction will be conducted by RM Sotheby’s in February in Paris. There are no estimates of how much value could reach in the auction, but will be higher than the stock price. The more positive side of everything is that 25% of its revenue will be earmarked for childhood cancer research.

With respect to the Porsche 911 R, remember that it uses the chassis of the 911 GT3 RS, although it has been still more lightweight. In its part back is located a propeller boxer of 6 cylinders and 4,000 cc of admission atmospheric, that delivers a power of 500 CV to full performance. All the energy of the 911 R arrives exclusively to the axis rear, passing before by the already cited box of changes manual.

Porsche 911 R homenaje Steve McQueen a subasta

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