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Toyota could manufacture the next generation of the Auris outside United Kingdom

Toyota Auris 2016

Toyota Motors in the world automotive industry position is enviable. That he has lost his Scepter of best-selling brand in favour of Volkswagen for her is not worrying. Therefore it pending more business than what the competition does. Among the issues that most engrossed have it they are preparing the next generation of the Auris and decide what will happen to the current Avensis for Europe.

The current generation of the compact Japanese takes almost four years to the sale and its successor should reach the market in two or three years more take. This important model is manufactured exclusively for Europe in the factory which has the signature in United Kingdom. However, with problems that is considering the Brexit, responsible for the firm are meditating very well what to do with its English factory and production line that joins the Auris units.

Toyota Auris 2015 precio España

Normal when its going to launch a new model on the market, it is three or even four years earlier that the fact is decide what factory will assemble. Do it with so much time is not by taste, because when the model is about to leave the Assembly lines have had that making the necessary investments in machinery, training for operators and other issues.

However, Toyota Motors officials would be delaying this decision making to see what about the Brexit and economic consequences that it could bring to companies that there are established. As a solution to this problem could have a transfer of manufacturing from United Kingdom up to the factory that has the brand in France (the same that is manufactured the Yaris to Europe). Moving would be very costly and the benefits continue producing within the European Union would be those who have currently.

The hot spot is whether Toyota Motors United Kingdom permanently abandoned or if decides to keep its factory for models of higher economic performance. We must be attentive to the final mark decision could mark their future in the medium term if this is not appropriate.

Source – Toyota

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