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Toyota ex profeso creates a society to develop their electric

Toyota eléctricos

A few days ago we informed you that Toyota wants to have its first electric car in large volume in the market by the year 2020. To do this, you will have the help of Mazda since both firms have reached an agreement to share this type of technology in their ranges. However, the Japanese firm has reported that this task will not take her out Toyota Motor Corporation as a main company.

We must remember that Toyota is specialist in the manufacture of models hybrid but not electric. Due to the lack of experience in the manufacturing of vehicles electric the signature has decided create a new company, subsidiary of the group matrix to carry to out them works of the vehicle electric. With this measure the brand wants to avoid running risks unnecessary at the time of redistribute their investments.

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This new society will be born the next month of December and has a peculiarity regarding which are have created in other companies until now and is that will be virtual. To give entity, will be composed of four representatives from Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), Aisin Seiki, Denso Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC).

Despite be separate of the branch automotive of the group, the new company may take advantage of the know how and developments technological of the Group to carry to out the design of them future cars electric of both signatures. Thanks to this deadlines to have electric cars of Japanese firms on the street are much shortened since this company will focus 100 percent on this job and will not have distractions.

Finally, Akio Toyoda, has indicated that the new structure created for the development of electric vehicles will be a society of equity that will specialize in this field and therefore that will help other areas of the company, as the development of hybrid vehicles is enrich the knowledge that this has. A win win in all rule.

Source – Toyota Motor Corporation

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