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Toyota Supra 2018, this is what we know so far

Toyota Supra 2018 render

The Toyota Supra has been a myth within the Japanese brand. More than one decade ago that left us, but it has always been present in the minds of many fans. And the illusion again in 2014, when the Toyota FT-1 Concept was presented and with rumours of a new sports production. And makes just a few months confirmed its arrival once the brand register the name ‘ Supra‘ in the European intellectual property office.

The new Toyota Supra 2018 will be a joint project with BMW, which will be the successor of the Z4. This BMW Z5, of which we have already spoken, will be presented first as a roadster and coupé then it could get a version. Their arrival will be a few months before that of the Supra, with which it will share platform and mechanical, but not outward appearance. In this sense it will be very different and to get the idea comes this recreation of our colleagues from

Toyota FT-1 Concept

Toyota FT-1 Concept

As you can see in the render headed by this news, the Supra will have a coupé body. Its forms are reminiscent of some classics, with a long hood and a short rear. Although its design is cutting edge, looking aggressive and futuristic lines, as well as some inherited components from other models. It is easy to recognize the influence of the FT-1 prototype in the rear spoiler, the displaced carrier backwards or the double bubble roof.

The truth is that already have been some mules knocking about Europe. They are still very primitive, and are being developed by BMW, so it does not shed much light on the matter. What is Yes becoming clearer is his range of engines. Both models will have four- and six-cylinder BMW from mechanics. Also expected a hybrid top with a six cylinder and two electric motors. You could roam the 500 HP and would be all-wheel drive.

Unfortunately it is still enough so that we can have all the information of the Toyota Supra 2018. The final production will take you along the 2018version, although it is expected before that mark Unveils another prototype that comes more to the final model. It could arrive soon, in the Salon in Los Angeles or in Tokyo Motor Show. Then we know that the production of the Supra and the Z5 will take place at the Magna Steyr plant in Graz (Austria).

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