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Toyota wants that Spain also bet by hydrogen

Toyota Mirai producción

The car moved by battery of hydrogen seems that slowly is waking up and is will launch to the market. Many brands come to this form of energy as a bet of future and by this are preparing their prototypes and models. This race is accelerated when Toyota launched to the market the Mirai. Since that time brands such as Honda, Mercedes-Benz (Daimler AG), BMW and General Motors (supported by the United States Army) are finalizing their vehicles with hydrogen.

He Toyota Mirai represents a chance very important for the hydrogen, since opens the doors to its use in mass. However still not is is to the sale in all those markets potential of the brand. The major countries that are on sale are Japan, California, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Belgicto. If we look, Spain not is, and the reason is simple: not have an infrastructure suitable for supply of hydrogen to these cars.

Hidrógeno Toyota

To solve this problem and that the Toyota Mirai of hydrogen can reach Spain the Spanish hydrogen Association (AeH2) and Toyota Spain have reached an agreement. He agreement, signed by Agustin Martin (President of Toyota Spain) and Javier Brey (President of AeH2), implies the collaboration for develop the sector of the hydrogen as well as the implementation of the pile of fuel in the market of the automobile Spanish. Through this agreement both the brand and the Association looking for society to consider this type of propulsion with the same normalidad dealing with gasoline, diesel and now hybrids and electric.

This association seeks to promote, both the private sector and the public, the creation of a stable network of recharging in Spain to bring this fuel in first-line transport. As dato must remember that today day in Spain only exist four seasons (all private) to recharge them tanks of hydrogen in little time and to a cost relatively low.


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