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Toyota will integrate lithium batteries in their hybrid models

Toyota Prius Prime híbrido enchufable

The numbers support it: Toyota is the manufacturer number one in the world in terms of hybrids is concerned. Over the years leading to the sale it has enrolled to the length and breadth of the world nearly ten million vehicles equipped with this technology. So important is for them to your brand premium, Lexus, has left in the drawer of forgotten the mechanical diesel and focused all their models of hybrid mechanical mechanical range.

However, that Toyota is leader world with regard to hybrid is refers not you avoids have that follow innovating to their rival not you eat the ground. One of these grounds, in which not was very put, is the use of batteries of ion lithium. Up to now, their hybrid models and plug-ins have used nickel metal hydride batteries but in weight, size and performance were behind them that used the competition.

Prueba Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Brands as Nissan or Tesla have bet from the first time by use batteries of ion lithium, however them engineers of Toyota is have taken their time to integrate them in their teams thrusters by several reasons. The first is by the costs of development and sale and the second reason is by the greater instability that offer this type of batteries facing them more controllable of nickel metal hydride.

Is true that its advantages over which until now used are lighter weight, size and a higher energy capacity, however the difference between costs and utilization not encouraged them to use. But now the thing is that it will change. According to has informed Toyota when arrives the next Prius Prime Plug-in is you install batteries of ion lithium rather than nickel metal hydride.

Still not disclosed the energy capacity of the same, but if they say that the plug-in hybrid brand you can explore around 60 km in electric mode when your battery is butt-load. We understand that this distance will be with the best data for approval in hand, but with about 50 make will be more than good. Now we must see at what price you put on sale and the reception given the respectable.

Source – Toyota

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