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Toyota will invest US $ 1.3 billion to carry the xD platform

Toyota Kentucky

Until the birth of the latest generation of the Toyota Prius , the Japanese firm worked for create your models with multiple platforms. It was with the arrival of this model that things changed, as it premiered the ultra modern modular platform TNGA carrying several years designing. With this architecture will severely reduce its costs of production and development of its models. However, once is ready and under the skin of various models, they have to undertake major reforms in its plants to operate their production lines.

This action is the “b” side of creating a common platform for all their future releases. Once the multi-million dollar investment to design the xD platform they have to undertake new investments to adapt their factories to this platform and at this point is where right now Toyota. The Japanese brand know for their future profitability depends on the repayment of this architecture and therefore urgently needs to start using it, but to do so they have to spend more money.

Toyota Kentucky

Taking into account this need, the Japanese firm has made public that they used a package of around 1.3 billion dollars to upgrade production at one of its American factories lines. The plant chosen It is the haves in Kentucky and is the first outside Japan that will receive the TNGA modular platform. In this square is assemble the next generation of the Camry together with other models and to be so close in time the arrival of the new media brand saloon is that they have decided to start here.

Kentucky factory currently employs more than 8 thousand people, It is one of the most important production centres of Toyota in the world by production capacity and versatility. Proof of this is that your workforce has not stopped growing in recent months, as demand for the models assembled there has not stopped growing and so must cover it expanding staff and personnel.

This magnanimous investment, according to Jim Lentz, is part of the growth plan that Toyota has launched in the United States. The deadline for their execution is about five years and the amount that will be disbursed will exceed ten trillions of dollars.

Source – Toyota

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