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Toyota will use in their cars the SmartDeviceLink’s Ford

Toyota Prius 2017

The integration of them smartphones in them cars each day is more complete, because them tastes of the consumers so it require. Today day not there are marks that not allow connect any phone of Android, or IOs to the screen touch of the majority of their cars. The problem arises when there is that talk of many brands of cars and many systems of connection, because prevents that when us went down of a car can connect of form simple our phone to another vehicle.

To solve this problem already there are many platforms but these are within the large groups industrial. This wants to say that the platform of connection that has the Group Volkswagen little or nothing will have that view with which have FCA. However it seems that now some brands (of different industrial groups) will start using the same connection system with this action started the road to standardization of the connections for smartphone.

Ford Fiesta 2017

Ford Motor will begin to mount in their cars the system SmartDeviceLink whose main feature is that its software is free and therefore if any brand wants to use it it can develop to its like paying a minimum part of the cost by the development. The first brand interested in it is the Japanese Toyota that according to has informed is studying implant it in the dashboard of their next cars.

With the SmartDeviceLink is can integrate in the car applications as Spotify or AccuWeather, and can also, handle them from the controls of the steering wheel, or even with the voice (if the vehicle has with this system). Once implanted in the car must think in the SmartDeviceLink as the base operating system that take our cars in the face of the coming years.

Meanwhile, Toyota not is the only manufacturer of cars that is interested in using this system. Manufacturers as PSA (Peugeot, Citroen and DS), Honda, Subaru and Mazda, also are interested in incorporating this new system to their cars, although to difference of Toyota still not have communicated when or in what models.

Source – Toyota

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